Our Story



Stacks House is the first project from She Stacks,
a female-founded company with a mission to financially empower women by creating content, experiences, and products that make wealth-building simple, sexy and social.

How we began...

Experiential marketing mavens and former colleagues, Patience Ramsey and Kindra Meyer had a post-2016-election breakthrough: MONEY equals POWER and women need more of both.

Recognizing major systemic problems that make it much harder for women to excel financially, She Stacks aims to educate and empower women and be a part of the solution.

After launching in 2017, the duo joined forces with celebrity finance guru, Farnoosh Torabi, who has dedicated her career to helping women live richer, more fulfilling lives.

Our bottom line: Close the gap between women and wealth in America.  

Why now?

Sorely missing in the world full of financial content - books, apps, websites, you name it -  is experience. An opportunity to connect with others over a deeply taboo topic and explore your money feels.

Not to mention...

The gender wealth gap is scary real.

Because of the earnings gap, investing gap and financial confidence gap, women are tracking sorely behind. It’s no secret that women earn only 79 cents on the dollar compared to men. And for women of color, the gap is a chasm.

Money continues to be a taboo.

Cultural and societal norms leave many women lacking financial education, and feeling insecure and overwhelmed. In fact, one study from Prudential shows the vast majority of women (80%) refrain from talking about money - even with close family and friends.

That’s where Stacks House comes in.

Both visually stunning and loaded with powerful programming, our pop-up with a purpose is designed to educate and empower guests to enhance their financial lives.




SHAYNA FONTENO,   Marketing & Experiential

SHAYNA FONTENO, Marketing & Experiential


Kelly is a startup investor and film producer who funds women-led businesses through See Jane Invest. A regular panelist on CNBC's Power Pitch, she is a frequent media commentator and speaker who helps women navigate leadership, communicate their vision, and plan for growth.

Shayna Fonteno is a seasoned bi-coastal experiential producer with a passion for creating experiences that introduce trends across industries and quench life's greatest curiosities.